Texas Electric Cooperative (TEC) was established in 1941 as a coalition of electric cooperatives formed to have greater bargaining leverage with power suppliers. Since its founding, TEC has advanced with the times to provide its members the services and products necessary to sustain a cooperative business in the 21st century.  Texas Electric Cooperatives represents the interests of 76 electric cooperatives, including Bailey Couonty Electric Cooperative, with more than 3 million members throughout the state. The association is led by President/CEO Mike Williams and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  The association's long history is a testament to the effectiveness of the cooperative business model and the Seven Cooperative Principles that guide its purpose. 

Some of the benefits of our membership with TEC include the association being an advocate for cooperatives in the Texas Legislature, the U.S. Congress and state and federal regulatory agencies.  TEC also offers a full line of utility supplies and services through its Manufacturing & Distribution Services facility headquartered in Georgetown.  TEC provides professional education opportunities for cooperative employees and safety training for electric linemen throughout the state.  TEC employs nearly 200 employees in offices across Texas. 

The association also publishes Texas Co-op Power, a monthly magazine reaching 1.68 million electric cooperative members in 65 Texas cooperatives.

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