Critical Care Program

If you or someone permanently living in your household requires electrical life-sustaining equipment, we encourage you to apply to be enrolled in the BCEC Medical Critical Care Registry. Please follow the application instructions below and submit the required documentation.

1. Contact the BCEC office and request an application for enrollment.  Or you can download and print the instructions, application and financial assistance listing provided below.   The completed application and required documentation must be submitted in person to the BCEC office. 

2. Fill out the application and return it to the BCEC office in person or by mail:

Bailey County Electric Cooperative
P.O. Drawer 1013
Muleshoe, TX 79347-1013

3. Request an official and original verification of electric necessity from your physician, due to your stated medical condition, and submit to BCEC. After both have been received by BCEC, you will receive a letter notifying you of your enrollment in the registry.


  • This form will not be processed if incomplete or unreadable.
  • Submission of this application does not automatically result in Medical Critical Care status. Notification of the action taken with regard to this form will be provided to the customer at the mailing address provided.
  • Pursuant to the rules of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, designation as a critical care residential customer does not relieve a member of the obligation to pay for electric service, and service may be disconnected for failure to pay or make formal payment arrangements.
  • Chronic condition or critical care status does not guarantee an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply. If electricity is a necessity, you must make other arrangements for on-site back-up capabilities or other alternatives in the event of loss of electric service.